Help desk of WordPress

WordPress is a content management site. Apart from in-numerous blogs, it is also a house to formal emails, media, Q&As, and online stores. You can post your blogs based on any topic, on the site.
Services offered by WordPress

wordpress support number offers many services including core support, SEO, google analytics integration, speed optimization, security scans, database management, malware clean-up, WooCommerce support, and many more. The services are provided 24x7 and throughout the year.The package rate ranges from $89 a month to $189/ month depending on the services provided. It also offers great customer support service. If you face any issue while handling WordPress, you can ask your queries to the WordPress customer support team.
Software required for WordPress:
1. PHP
3. mod_rewite (Apache module)
4. Operating system: Windows or Linux or Mac or Unix
These are the software required for WordPress to operate precisely.
Versions of WordPress
1. WordPress 5.1
2. WordPress 5.2.2
3. WordPress 5.0.3
4. WordPress 5.2
These are some of the latest versions of WordPress. Wordpress releases a new version every four months. The next version expected is Wordpress 5.3.


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